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A seminar for Directors & Senior Managers of companies with company car fleets
Company Cars or Car Allowance
Company Cars or Car Allowance - Profit from Company Cars
  • Company car taxation has doubles
    since Co2
  • The tax charge on the average driver
    is £6500 p.a.
  • Over 35% of the cost of running a company
    car is taxation on the Company
  • Over 90% of drivers are better-off funding
    their own cars
  • Their employers save over £10,000 across
    a typical 3-year life
  • There are 800,000 UK company car drivers
    4.4 million other people use their own car
    for business travel

Take a morning to make an informed decision
A company car is a significant, emotive benefit for key employees, so getting it right is important from a financial point of view and for corporate morale.
This Company Car Seminar will highlight the options; the changes; ways to make cost savings and give you a real insight into helping your company make the right decisions for the fleet going forward


“If I have a Company Hybrid car, I won’t pay any tax, will I?”

“And they are cheaper to run, aren’t they, because there is no fuel cost?”

This seminar looks at both the coat and practical aspects of funding ‘Electric’ vehicles for business use.

Delegates receive real-life Cost Comparisons, actual Case Studies and insight to the future HMRC tax regime.

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The LPG promotion in the early 2000’s came and went. It failed due to lack of fuelling points and filling the car boot with fuel tanks; severely reducing re-sale Residual Values.

‘Twin-Cabs’ were then held to be the solution to reduce drivers’ company car tax bills, but simply added very heavy cost burdens on their companies. Plus the impracticalities of using the vehicles for normal travel.

Then Diesel cars became popular and are now taxed heavily.

Today, we have the ‘Electrics’ promotion as a move by the fleet industry to preserve the dwindling Company car fleet market.

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This subject is typified by a bewildering array of mnemonics, often grossly misleading claims, hyper-ventilated ‘information’ and an daunting array of potential options:-

  • PHEVS Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • DHEVS Diesel Hybrid Electric Vehicles
  • Plug-Ins
  • 100% Electric Vehicles.

But, are ‘Electrics’ the Future?

What are the on-costs v potential tax savings? Are there any?

Which option should we look at?

Save £10,000 per driver
A Four Part Process
The design and introduction of a Car Allowance Scheme should be handled in a logical process and must be managed from start to finish.
Under take financial analysis of the current fleet and drivers; evaluate options and fleet savings for the company . Typical fleet savings average more than £3000 per driver over 3 years.
Discuss the findings and select a policy to determine the way forward and achieve potential savings. Agree rules and procedures including parameters for “safe and healthy” motoring.
Launch the changes:
  • Employee communications drafted
  • Employee briefing
  • Driver consultation and support
  • Fleet disposal / reconfiguration
  • Transfer to new scheme
Salary Sacrifice

“My car-salesman says I should fund my Company car through Salary Sacrifice.”

Is he right?

Is Salary Sacrifice a key solution to the Company Car dilemma?

The fleet industry would have us think so.

But without showing us the whole picture.

Delegates to this seminar will have the opportunity to go through a full, worked example of how Salary Sacrifice works.

  • Does it work for existing Company Car drivers?
  • How does it work for New Starters?
  • What is the impact on Recruitment?
  • What does it cost? Save?
  • What are the Rules?
  • What is the rate of take-up?
  • What is the current HMRC position?

Delegates can discuss the legal, tax and practical aspects of Salary Sacrifice and walk through a Case Study.

Seminar Programme
9:00am - Registration & Coffee
9:30am - Start

Session 1 9:30am
The Cost & Taxation of Company Cars Profit from Company Cars

  • The True Cost of a Company Car
  • Company Car Taxation 2016 - 2020
  • The Alternatives
  • Company Cars or Car Allowances?
  • Salary Sacrifice?
  • Petrol v Diesel v Hybrid
  • The Private Fuel Option
  • Identifying £10,000 Savings
  • From Burden to Benefit - Case Study

Presented By
Tristan Maynard
Senior Partner, BCS Partnership

11:00am - Coffee Break

Session 2 11:10am
Managing a Car Allowance Scheme
Maintaining Control

  • Purchase v Leasing
    • Corporate v Retail
  • Savings from Reviewing Existing Car Allowance Schemes
  • Insurance - Personal 'Fleet' Cover
    • GAP & Early Termination Cover
  • Communications
    • The secret of getting driver 'buy-in'
  • Health and Safety Update
    • A Duty of Care

Presented By
Jonathan Roland
Corporate Director, Leasing Options Fleet Management

12 noon - Questions & Discussion
12:30pm - Close

The Speakers
Leading Experts
The BCS Partnership and Leasing Options Fleet Management have been working together for some 10 years now; dealing with 600 Company Car Fleets and over 25,000 drivers.

Tristan Maynard FCMA FCMI MIMC - Senior Partner
With over 30 years’ experience at board level in a wide range of manufacturing and service industries. Tristan Maynard brings a practical, straight forward approach to profit improvement and solving business problems. Tristan was voted “Chartered Management Accountant of the Year” by CIMA Members in Practice. A leading expert in Company Car taxation, he is a contributor to several HMRC consultative panels.

Jonathan Roland ACIS - Corporate Director
Jonathan has been involved in finance for over 25 years, focusing on asset finance, leasing and fleet management. In 1999, Jonathan was approached to join the J. Rothschild Partnership and today is the Corporate Director of Leasing Options Fleet Management, working primarily with public and Private Limited Companies specialising in the managing the Cost of Company Cars.

Brochure Download
A nominal charge is made of £99 + VAT for the first delegate, £50 + VAT for the second, which includes comprehensive notes, worked examples and case studies.

Bookings will be confirmed by e-mail and Post.
A VAT invoice will be issued for payment by cheque or Bank Transfer.

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